• bonjour
    joli inconue dsl pour le derangment mé jme Permet
    de dunas te laisse ce pti vu msg pour te dire ke tu sympa una duna guarida fille adorable
    de 2 jte trouve vraiment Tres Tres joli seduisante ravissente plein de charme moi jsuis
    charme et de 3 jai vraiment medio de faire conaissance ta ta si msn c avec plaisir des grandes
    daprendre un te conaitre sur ce gros journée ósea beso et ne el cambio
    t sobretodo rien simplement magnifik beso ke rien pour toi moi repon
    tanpis ou pour moi ta beauté respet un naturelle moi 2toi ventilador jsuis ............
    repon moi merci

  • Anonymous

    jolie profile+5 et charmont c sur..lol

  • kikouu =)
    il fau me rencontre aussi je suis trop gentil

  • slt lidia .
    j'éspére que tu vas trés bien ?

    jolie blog et des belle tofff aussi tu es trés belle et je veu te reconnaitre plus bien sur si tu veux ?

    en vera si tu es gentille comme tu a écrite rép moi svp .
    je t'attends .

  • hello is accept it. love
    One moment, a glance, a smile, a touch of hands. So many memories that revive a heart wounded, and hopes that substantive lifted a man who seeks his purpose.

    I love you, I very much want you, I will do the impossible for you, nothing else will count for me Your eyes are the lighthouse that guides me in this sea of loneliness.

    How these funds while others who live and die without ever seeing the beauty incarnate!

    No life worth living if it is not passed to your listed! Where is happiness which is the joy you if you do not put your magic touch that makes everything more beautiful and sweet!

    Beyond words and poetry, beyond time and space, my love for you is this, eternal, infinite
    When I first saw it, I wondered if it was real, if you were really, if I was not dreaming. Your smile, your face, your words, you, especially you, all you. I never saw so beautiful being. I never felt this way. I wondered what was happening, I was thinking, but I was intrigued ...
    So that's the famous sight? My chest contains anything other than muscles and lungs? Something began to move, to fight, to live, my heart, one that bears your name now, one that creates your ...

    Should I tell you? Should I confess that it's you that I always love to have you met before?

    Wonderful, inhumanly most beautiful, one that devastates a look that kills me and revived me with a smile, one that deserves my dying for, my angel, my goddess. It's you I like to go insane, to death, as to be the happiest of men ..

    I love you .. kevin